Thanking The LEFT For Their Support

Friday, September 29, 2006

Enemy Of Islam Alert:

There is a new threat to Islam that has reared its ugly head: jarhead john. This "jarhead," is a U.S. Marine. That is grounds for beheading in and of itself.

He has overstepped his bounds as a simple infidel. He has insulted our fine friends at CAIR. Who is this bold infidel that stands against us?

He claims that our CAIR is supporting violence! I call for him to be disemboweled for suggesting that we are not a peaceful people!

He has dared to
blaspheme our allies at CAIR. This son of a dog must die! We will show him that we are a peaceful people! We will spread his entrails over the ashes of his family in the name of peace!

Allah Akhbar!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


OH Allah most merciful and great...

It is I, Sheik Yur-Hasbidjh, here to prove to the Infidel that he cannot destroy me! The Infidel intelligence agencies and Infidel Soldiers, were desperately and vainly attempting to hunt me down, but by the grace of Allah, they were hunting in the wrong place...

Oh, may the wrath of Allah be laid upon the Crusader Chris Wallace! Due to this Infidel's cruel Zionest attacks upon my friend and brother Bill, I had to put aside my Jihad momentarily, to cheer him up. I did everything within my power for Bill, like...

...drinking the Famous GIANT Pina Colada at Al-fuq'duhb's Bar and Shish Taouk, as well as ...

...taking him to a George Carlin show. So Infidel Chris Wallace, for my pain and Bill's anguish, I have declared this Fatwa against you! May you, Allah willing, fall from your high place at Fox News like a 5 year old jockey falls from the camel at a Saudi camel race!

Oh Crusader Chris Wallace, you are truely the GREAT SATAN!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It Is Official!

hello to All my brothers and Sisters fighting the good Jihaad against the great Satans!
peace be unto you.

I come here with glorious news. my brother's roomate's best friend works at the greater Buffalo,ny office of CAIR and it is said he has read our web log here just as you do now and says it is doing the work of All'ah!
actually, i Think he said as they say here 'It was beet-chen'. I do not "get" the american slang some times of our middle eastern brothers who have Lived here for many years but i think it means it is good!

so Good that he has sent us the Official CAIR Seal of Approval!!!! he says it only goes to the weblogs that have been scrutinsed by a CAIR censor and are O.k--as they say here.
This is very exciting! We will display this with pride and You readers here will know and be sure that every thing here is not slanted to fit some wicked political agenda!

this news is good to learn during our Ra'madan time. now I must go and lie down as i am now faint. the evening prayers left me dizzy and fasting all day on top of all this exciting news does not help. May Allah forgive me

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The ACLU: Helping Islam Destroy America!

Thank you American Civil Liberties Union

Our friends at the ACLU have contributed immensely to our jihadi cause. They have fought against the pigs and dogs (George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld) to help expose issues like the Supreme Court's ruling that the Bush administration's scheme for trying and convicting people being held indefinitely at Guantánamo Bay is illegal.

Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld are three stooges!

Bush is now pushing legislation that would ratify the illegal commissions and deprive detainees of a fair trial and the most basic protections of the Geneva Conventions. Thanks to the ACLU, prisoner convictions and interrogations are now limited as well. The ACLU is fighting this legislation to keep our jihad plans and schemes from being exposed. We will be able to kill many more American infidels as a result, and blocking Bush and friends is important for us to be victorious over America.

The ACLU, an honorary member of Al Qaeda, has also generously offered free coffee mugs like the ones below in order to promote Al Qaeda as the friendly organization they are. These mugs will help in our propaganda war against the West.

With the ACLU's continued support for jihad, the United States of America will soon be another Islamic state under sharia law, Allah willing! (pbuh).

Three cheers for the ACLU! -- Radical Islam's brother in arms.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

A Threat To All Fellow Muslims

There is a threat against the way of life of all devout Muslims. This vile threat is known as Absolute Zero.

These crafty infidels claim that the way we treat our girls and goats boys is wrong. They dare to defy our rights as Muslims to properly indoctrinate our young, and infringe upon our rights as followers of Allah (pbuh).

I call to Muslims everywhere to wage jihad against this Absolute Zero. They are a threat that we cannot overlook. We must send emails. We must blow up.......something in the name of jihad.

Allah (pbuh) willing, they will know our wrath!!!!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Muhammad Bin Kamal Faqua's granddaughter speaks about the Jews

Praise be to Allah! The daughter of the son of my 17th wife was recently on television in Saudi Arabia. Allah has blessed me with a wonderful granddaughter who already knows how to wish death upon the Zionists!

Haid D'Salaami Does Jihadi Sniper Training

In my terrorist training camp, I underwent extensive training so that I could fight the American infidel dogs and pigs.

This video is from my last phase of training, Sniper Practice. This rifle kicked me like a camel with a hot poker shoved up his ass! I may never be able to jerk-off with my right arm again.

I hope Allah (pbuh) knows the sacrifices I have made for him to become a jihadi. Praise Allah! (pbuh) and his prophet Muhammad.

If video fails to load, click here.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Jimmy Carter Loves Terrorists, Hates America!

Our Favorite American Liberal

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter has proved time and time again that he backs terrorist organizations and wants to destroy the great Satan, America. Even though he has been out of office for many years, he continues to aid and abet our cause. He does everything he can to undermine US policy abroad and especially in the Middle East. We love Jimmy Carter!

Immediately following Arafat's Death, Mr. Carter established a relationship with Palestine's new leaders. Mr. Carter has been a strong friend to the Palestinian Authority while constantly condemning Israel's Zionist pigs and dogs.

Thank you Mr. Carter!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Another Infidel Who Fights for Our Rights

"Give Terrorists Rights and Give Americans Death!" -"Jihad" John McCain

Allah be praised! He which is most merciful has enlightened "Jihad" John "Mohammed" McCain!

Yes, our new brother who was treated most inhumanely (which is the way ALL Infidels must be treated) by the North Vietnamese while in captivity, is fighting to give our captured brothers softer beds and soft-core porn feeds from CineMax.

Jihad John McCain and other supporters of giving us our Infidel's Constitutional rights, need to Allah willing, push for all Faithful "detainees" to be allowed their Second Amendment rights as well. By the generous grace of Allah, we wish to have ALL rights under the Infidel's American Bill of Rights. Because what kind of a world do we live in where one cannot vote in the Infidel's elections?

Oh, merciful Allah, I dream of a day where I can strap my suicide belt on, vote for hillary clinton, and then blow up a bus. Allah willing, this day will soon come thanks to the efforts of Jihad John McCain.

Rosie is Our hero!

i must make my first message here on our web log about how happy i am that a American is finally speaking the truth.
i talk of Rosie O'Donnell and her brave speech on that tv show on the abc- "The view".
Now that we have the cable in the apartment (pbtA!) we can see this program. you can bet all myself and my women friends will be watching all the time. (i use a american slang, i do not bet-it is a shame for a woman to do so)

i Print here part of what Rosie said

"Radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America ..."

as they say in this place-again I make american slang-

these cHristians who go about saying that every word of their bible book is true and if you don't believe it you will go to hell and forcing their beleafs on people makes me angry.
the holy Qu'ran is the only true book and all unbelievers and infidels will go to hell for not embracing its truths!!!
I am so happy about that Rosie saying what she said so bravely i am going to send her this as a thank you gift.

maybe she will read and consider its teachings and stop laying with a woman like a man. (i do not know this to be true but I have heard people make talk)
if it is true then I would be very sad. it would be a shame to have to hang such a great speaker and supporter for our side.

Hugo Chavez the Venezuelan Jihadist

Venezuelan El Presidente Hugo Chavez has proven his loyalty to the Muslim Brotherhood's war against the American imperialists. He has embraced our cause, has befriended Iran's President Ahmadinejad, and has pledged that he will back any aggression by the USA against Iran in the future.

His words from yesterday:

"Iran is under threat; there are plans to invade Iran, hopefully it won't happen, but we are with you,"

"Under any scenario we are with you just like we are with Cuba"... "If the United States invades Cuba, blood will run... We will not have our arms crossed while bombs are falling in Havana or they carry Raul off in a plane."

Castro and Chavez have also developed a strong relationship. Castro is no stranger to American aggression and sabotage. Together they will plot strategies to undermine and destroy the Great Satan -- the USA.

This photo of Castro and Chavez depicts an old Muslim ritual whereby friends pledge eternal loyalty to one another by "checking the other's oil" from behind (also referred to as the"butt-to-bone" rite). They learned this from their Muslim brothers. Our prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the father of this "man love" ritual. Westerners cannot appreciate this style of male bonding. We swear by it.

Chavez is seen in the next photo illustrating his Fickle Finger of Death. He states that if he ever gets close enough to George W. Bush, he'd be able to kill him with a single camel-dung-laced finger. One poke to Bush's eye would prove fatal due the toxic qualities of camel turds. Chavez is one amazingly resourceful man!

Speaking of resourcefulness, Chavez is seen in this next photo demonstrating his new invention, Invisible Night-Vision Goggles. Yes. Our comrade Hugo Chavez will go down in Islamic history as a great warrior for jihad.

Long live El Presidente Hugo Chavez!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Cindy Sheehan Works For Us

I would seriously like to thank this champion of the Al-Qaeda bill of rights, a document that would allow all of us to run all over the world unchecked and impose our veiws on the entire world.

There is not a better friend to us than Cindy Sheehan.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Michael Moore: Anti-Semite, Anti-American, Friend to Jihad

Here we showcase our comrad in arms, Michael Moore. He has proven time and time again that he understands our cause and is willing to help destroy his country and bring down the imperialists in Washington.

Americans call him a traitor. We call him our friend.

Our favorite Michael Moore quotes:

"Now I'm not just talking about your everyday anti-Semites. No, I'm talking about a perceived notion that we Americans are supporting Israel in its oppression of the Palestinian people. Now where did those Arabs come up with an idea like that? Maybe it was when the Palestinian child looked up in the air and saw and American Apache helicopter firing a missile into his baby sister's bedroom just before she was blown into a hundred bits."

"I want Bush paraded in handcuffs outside of a police house as a common criminal because I don't know if there's a greater crime than taking people to war based on a lie. I've never seen anything like Bush and his people. They truly hate our Constitution, our rights and our liberties. They have no shame in fighting for their corporate sponsors."

Michael Moore: not your everyday ordinary fat bastard. He is a friend to the Muslim Brotherhood. Long live our chubby comrad!


I Feel bad for our fellow Jihadist


Oh, Allah is quite a guy...

The Infidels and their body armor, when will they ever learn?! When theirs takes a hit, it leaves a bruise or at most some broken bones.

When our MIGHTY ALLAH HOLY WARRIOR Armor takes a hit it makes world-wide television news! Proving that our Armor is far superior to anything the Infidels can throw against us!

A'Sallam to your mom... Sheik Yur-Hasbidjh

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I am your Spiritual Leader, Sheik Yur-Hasbidjh. I and my organization would like to welcome you to "T4L", our way to, as the Infidel says "SHOW MUCH LOVE" to Western Liberals who enable our actions and fight for our rights in places like the American pig-dog concentration camp at Guantanamo Bay (GITMO).

This Holy Blog is just getting underway, but Allah willing, will be up an running like a scared camel soon. So please, let Allah give you patience while we make our plot, I mean plans, I mean while we get our blog ready. Check back often, and read the comments below from some of our supporters...

"NO, YOU'RE THE MAN SHEIK! Love you brother!"

John Kerry
"The Tomahawk missiles I launched at Afghanistan killed your goats?! Oh, Sheik! I am so heartbroken for you!"
Bill Clinton
Hillary Clinton sending the signal to start our attacks.
And of course our families.