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Monday, October 09, 2006

Thank You NYT

I must thank our great friends at the New York Times, for they have provided us with so much information on what the Zionist Bush regime is doing to try and catch us.

They have on many occasions released classifed information that has been vital in our attempt to remain free and able to wage our jihad and thankfully the Democrats have embraced them, using them to attack that dog Bush.

I certianly hope you all vote for the Democrats so that we will be able to run free as long as we wish and destroy your country.


At 15 October, 2006 01:55, Blogger Joe Zombie said...

Calm down my friends. Don't attack my good buddy Dubya like you have been doing. Remember, the Republicans are in charge of every branch of the US government. Donald Rumsfeld has done little to catch me. The Americans had me surrounded in Torah Borah but then left in great numbers to go look for "WMDs" then "yellow cake." If more competent men were taking the advice of their Generals on the ground al-Qaida would probably be out of business. Thanks be to bin Dubya for allowing al-Qaida to grow more than I ever thought possible. Thank Allah for making so many Republican voters. They are the reason al-Qaida is as big as it is today and why I am still alive. Now all of you in the sleeper cells in the States; Vote Republican. Republicans LOVE terrorism. Remember Ruby Ridge, Waco and Timothy McVeigh? They're a bunch of terrorists too. And Republicans.

At 15 October, 2006 12:17, Blogger Kirk said...

Terrorists: This site just proves how stupid you and Allah are. Once the public sees this firm evidence that you are allied with the Democrats, they are sure to vote Republican. Except maybe in San Francisco where those moonbats would like nothing better than to have the Coit Tower blown up. No matter though, because the Republican Party is the party of patriotism and is protecting our country by using the latest technology to ensure that Americans vote the right way. So, instead of the free reign you expect from a Democratically led USA, you will have to wait once again for President Bush to be distracted reading My Pet Goat before you murder thousands of our people. That is unlikely to happen as President Bush no longer distracts himself with reading.


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