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Monday, November 13, 2006

Allah Akbar! your Buhja is Back!

Praise be to Allah, all meriful and great

I know I have been many long time in making a note in this web-log.
I have just now regain my use of my eyes from a accident during Ramadan.
My brother(Alhu al Fuhqwahdi) wanted to make happy with fireworks on the last holy night. He knew that i have been studying chemisrty at the college and wished that I "take it up a notch" as they say here to the explosives in the fireworks.
Your Buhja is not one to bak down from a challenge. I have great experience with the mixing of the powders from my youthdays and have learned much at the US schools at perfecting methods and chemical.
What can I say? The jinn made me do it.

I don't rememer much of what happened. I do know that something went wrong and i was left with very bad flash burns on my eyes. Very bad. I do remembr auto alarms going off all around me and my brothers screaming and shouting. it reminde me of the old neighborhood.

it could have been worse. Praise Allah! It was not my time to lose a hand or arm. Allah took my sight as a lesson to foolish women like me. I was full possessed by pride that i could make the mother of all m-80s.

So after weeks of wrapping my eyes and using the drops that the nice doctor in the emergency room gave me I am good as always. I can only see some colors and i must lean in to the tv screen on my computer but i get better soon. i can now also hear things much better. (that is a picture of me here 2 day's after the accident.)
So now you know why i have not making notes here.

but so much more has happened since the accident in this land of infidels that i must make more talk very soon!!
it is so much happiness.!!!


At 08 August, 2010 21:46, Blogger Ibrahimblogs said...

This sounds scary!! Eyes are precious! Do take care!!

This is Ibrahim from Israeli Uncensored News


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